Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Been Awhile!

I haven't written anything in so long I'm not sure this is really me typing the blog post... Well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but my life has been so crazy busy I'm not sure where to begin.

Sadly, my life has not been busy with writing. Summer will be delayed... Maybe she will make a winter debut.

I've had an interesting summer filled with fun activities like a Zoo trip. What an exciting time and there is no sarcasm in that statement. We really had a blast. It was hot but the animals were super cooperative anyway. That polar bear is truly an entertainer. He waits until you're staring into the glass hoping that you can catch just a glimpse of his snowy white pelt then he swims right up to the window, stands straight up in your face and smiles a big beaming grin as he kicks off the wall -- all 16 or so feet of his incredible mass. Wow.

Went to the world's largest recorded family reunion. It was my great-grandfather's family. His name was Henry Grow. He had four wives and 32 children. With 32 children it doesn't take too long before you have lots and lots of descendants. To date, the family association has identified over 10, 000 relatives. I found 2 cousins right here in Alpine. That was an amazing event.

Went boating for the first time in many years...decades, I'm sure. Had uber fun. I think I could live on a boat. I love the rock and roll, the speed, the exhilaration and the tubing! Yes, folks, the old grandma went tubing behind my son's boat. The same son who tried to pitch me off the tube. Wow. I survived but had a nice sunburn to heighten the fun barometer.

Went on a trip to SLC. Visited the church museum and played in the kids hands-on section. Went to City Creek for the first time. Went to Heritage Park and visited all the pioneer sites. Lots of fun there. My son-in-law was the engineer for the Bowery which greets people as you enter the park. The grandkids rode ponies and played with pigs and goats and chickens. Great memories.

Kids and grandkids were all over the place this summer so we bought an above the ground swimming pool. Those take a considerable amount of care. More than I remembered.

Heck, I even got a jury summons for Federal Court. I was not selected (I was probably the only one who thought it would be fun, however) which was a good thing as it would have been just one more thing to keep Summer at bay.

So, as summer winds down, maybe Summer will wind up! Still have a few unmastered items on my plate but as all those whittle down writing will make a comeback. So to all you Summer fans... don't abandon her. It may only be an ebook... but it will be a book. Looking forward to winter and to the Winters.

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  1. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Miss you, my dear friend.


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