Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Promised Photos

Here are the pictures I promised... Just a couple but I'll have more next official post.
This is the view from our stair landing. Take out the top of the car port and the fence and you'll see what we see. Notice the purple trees. Much prettier in person.

This is a shanty town on the way to Sabie. Sad how some people are forced to live.
However, the scenery is lovely.

The woman in the hat is Sister Jennifer, RS President of our branch. Sibusiso means Blessed in Zulu.
This is the family we taught. Neat people.
 The photo is blurry but Sibusiso is on the end, S. Jennifer, her granddaughter, Sibu's brother, his sister, Shpewe, his mother and some neighbor children. I think you can spot me!

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