Friday, December 30, 2011

This Lady is Nita

I've lived into what is now called the "Golden Years." Yes, I've lived long enough to rate senior discounts and to be called Ma'am and Grandma and "Hey Old Lady!" Because of this "live long and prosper" stage I've entered, I've also lived long enough to stand by while other people die. I've lost family and friends -- most of my family members -- a few friends, lots and lots of Branch members but mostly those who have passed onto the other side (so to speak)were older than me, frail and sick or living life-styles that contributed to an early demise. Until last week, December 23, I cannot recall being shocked at another passing like I was at my friend Nita's.

Why would I blog about this? Simple. Nita was my Summer Winter. Last September, reluctantly I must add, she and her husband, Clayton, posed for the cover of my book. Reluctantly, is probably not a strong enough word for Nita. Loath would probably work better. She did not want to be photographed! She did not want to be known as the woman on the cover. She hated looking at her picture. (The shadow is her husband who loved doing it cause he got to hold his gun :)) But because she was my friend and wanted to do something for me, she agreed. I love the cover--always have. It turned out exactly as I imagined. I knew the cost Nita gave and it made me feel special that she would give of herself in that manner... Now, I feel... I'm not sure. I miss her already. The pain at her loss is already subsiding but the longing to have said goodbye is strong and palpable. The joy in her sacrifice for me will ever be with me ... I hope anyway. Her laughter rings in my heart but each time I look at Nita as Summer, I get a little sad. I am grieving.

Because of my knowledge, I know I will see my friend and all those others who have passed from this life to the next, but the "mourn with those who mourn" is alive and well. I find great comfort in the gospel of Jesus Christ but doggone it, friends should not leave us...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Sale Pricing

Just a reminder!

This is the last week for the special Christmas pricing sale of NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style--A Summer Winter Mystery of 2 for $20.00.
Next week they go back to $15.00 each.

So, get them while you can!

And Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Book Signig

I'm having a book signing at South Town Mall in UT on Saturday, the 17th, between 1-4in front of Eborn Books which is on the second floor by Dillard's.

Should be really fun as I'm doing it with my friend Roseanne Wilkins, author of Hidden in the Heart and several other books.

If you're out doing Christmas shopping stop on by. The book store is great and filled to the brim with used and new books. And the opportunity is great!

Summer is busy creating her latest adventure -- stay tuned for more exciting tales!

And, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Changed my mind!

I have been told all my life that I am in charge of my own destiny! I'm sure that is true because I have once again, changed my direction.

Hold on! I'm talking about writing here, not some facial reconstruction or the like...

I have decided to sneak a book in between the second and third... I'd been thinking about this for a long time and I just feel good about this decision. So, here goes. The next Summer Winter Mystery will not be in LA as originally advertised -- they are staying in NY for one more thrilling ride. I've already started writing NYC: Monopoly on Murder and it's sounding great.

Here's a sample of the first chapter!

"I've seen tons of dead bodies," I said. "And that's a dead body."

"Tons?" The skepticism in my husband's tone was subdued but it was still there.

"Okay. Maybe not tons but I've been to more funerals that I can count and of course, there's our two murder victims, you know."

Anthony gave me a smirk. At lest I think it was a smirk, it was kinda dark.

What brought all this chatter up was a man's body lying on the sidewalk blocking our forward motion. His feet were practically touching the passenger's door of our Ford Expedition. I would've had to step over his number twelve's to open the door. I'm not sure I was prepared to get that close. As it was, we practically bumped into the guy.

Okay... Just a teaser. I'll keep Summer's fans posted as to the progress of this upcoming episode. I'm kinda excited about it myself.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Books make the best Christmas Gifts!!!

It's true. They do. Especially if you've got an avid reader or two on your list. Now, my book NYC:2 is what I've resorted to calling it-- is pleasantly priced... that is what we used to call restaurants who gave police personnel discounts... Pleasantly Priced... but, alas, I digress. My book is still pleasantly priced for Christmas giving. After Christmas... gone like the holiday. So get them while they're hot. 2 for Twenty bucks... that's pretty cheap.

and if you're not into murder mysteries... check out Eric James Stone's new book...Rejiggering the Thingamajig and Other Stories... its Sci-Fi and a great read... will have you laughing, crying, ahhhing and oohing all the way through.

Either way... READ READ READ...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Friends Book

If you are a romance reader, try Roseanne E. Wilkin's LDS Romance Ebooks. Here's a review I wrote for her.

"I fell in love with Alec and Serra! Although I am not a Romance reader, I can certainly see why tis genre is so popular. Serra Lanning had life made as an international model, but it wasn't until she met her two-year old nephew for the first time that she discovered she really hadn't been living . Within hours, she meets Matthew, Alec, Ruff and life-threatening danger. Fleeing from the evil Mills family, the pursuing maniac and her own grief, Serra goes on the lamb, escaping from New York to parts unknown. Deciding on a LDS History tour of her own making, trouble and romance find her despite her efforts at disguise.

From the frist breath-capturing kiss, Serra and Alec fall in love passionatley and appropriately for the LDS romance reader. No embarrassing page turning in this book.

Tangled Hearts is heart wrenching, warm, funny and a great love story. In the end, all the strings are tied together resulting in a very happily-ever-after ending. I fell in love with Alec the first time he entered Serra's life. The mystery aspect had my curiosty buzzed, but it was the instant love-connection between "Auntie Serwa" and Matthew that had me ... until Alex and Ruff, the huge Rottweiler, appeared. I was hooked on the whole of them. If you want to fall in love with romance then tangle your heart with this read."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review for NYC: A Mission To Die For

I thought I would share this review with you regarding my first book NYC: A Mission To Die For.
Author Roseanne E. Wilkins, who writes LDS romance, recently read my debut novel and wrote an awesome review.

"NYC: A Mission To Die For is a delightful debut novel by Author Loraine Scott. If you love murder/mysteries with LDS main characters, this is a book you won't want to miss. Although the main characters are an LDS missionary couple, the story is about he murder mystery, so you don't have to be LDS to enjoy it. Loraine starts out the story in the streets of New York with an automobile accident. Not long after, Summer and Anthony Winter are met with the distinctive odor of decay when they enter the mission [office] after a weekend away. Summer, the main character, automatically assumes something has died in the fridge. Something has died alright, but it isn't in the fridge. When they discover the source of the smell is the body of a transient man whom they've previously come to care for and NYC's finest wants to dismiss the case as another homeless person's death, they take the reins and investigate the death themselves. It helps that Anthony is a former detective with the LAPD and their son is currently working there. Well written and fast paced, this is a book you'll have to drag yourself away from. Pick up a copy. You won't be disappointed."

This book is currently "sold out" from me but it's still available at BYU Bookstore, Canyon Copy in Highland and on Amazon Kindle books.

I can't wait for Roseanne to read my current book... the one with the amazing cover...

And, don't forget to check out Tangled Hearts by Roseanne E. Wilkins. Its an ebook and available everywhere.

Price sale is still available... Books make wonderful Christmas presents. I'd love a good mystery book -- can't ever have enough books.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Sterling Review!

I received this email today. Just thought I'd share it in case you're wondering whether to buy a book or not...

"Okay--NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style arrived yesterday at about 2:30 pm...finished reading it at 2:00 am.
WOW!! I know Jack Weyland said it is impossible to put the book down... but seriously... I COULDN'T"!!!

"Thanks so much for such a GREAT evening!! LOVED every minute I spent. Thank goodness I bought new glasses (in preparation for this adventure!) or I never would have made it through the marathon read. Actually I was about 4 chapters from the end when my eyes got bleary...but I slapped on some DollarTree cheapies with a higher magnification and whew hoo... finished without going blind!!

"You are THE BEST!!!

"Oh, and I agree with the comment 'Nancy Drew marries a Hardy Boy!' Yes, that is Summer and Anthony alright!

"Congrats on a FAB-u-lous write... The ending is perfect... you dotted every i and crossed every t! Very satisfying."

I hope all Summer's fans find this book "satisfying" and really enjoyable... after all, that's why I write them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Readers are already talking!!!

I'm so excited about the feedback I'm getting from my readers. One fan was afraid to start the new book because she knew, once started, she wouldn't be able to put it down and she didn't have time to read. Another said it was like reading "Nancy Drew for grown-ups" then she amended it to "Nancy Drew marries a Hardy Boy!" (Those are the stories I cut my mystery-teeth on as a young lass.) Another one read the first book then she recommended her friend contact me and request both books. Cool. Of course, my family members have to like my books! But, seriously, they tell me it has nothing to do with their relationship to me.

If you like mysteries that are cozy and clean, exciting and funny, interesting and somewhat true... then order this new Summer Winter Mystery. A man who recently purchased the first and the second books together asked me what "Summer Winter Mystery" meant... I replied... You'll have to read the book and find out...

To all of Summer's fans... Enjoy the read as Summer is back and she's hotter than ever!

And don't you just adore the cover?????

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pre ordered Sales

I'm picking up my books this morning. Boxes and Boxes of books will be hand trucked to my SUV. It's raining here so I'm glad my truck is covered. Can't have those boxes with its book and more books being damaged now can we.

The first orders will go out as ordered. My sister Linda was the first to buy. Hers will be in the mail tomorrow. Newell Turner will be next and then the LaFleur's books will be shipped... Right next to the Smith's... the list goes on. You've got to know that where ever I am, I will be selling books. Stop by my house, come to the book launch (check or cash only please), meet me in the store, or stop me in the street.

Books, books, and more books. And lots of laughs, mystery, and intrigue... did I mention laughs?????

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Books, Books, and more Books

I can hardly believe how my books are selling! They haven't even been printed yet and I'm getting requests for pre-sales!

I'm so anxious for the call from Alexander's printing that says "Come pick up your Books, Books, and Books." I'll put on my super-hero suit and spring into action. Then books will be flying out of here faster than you can blink!

Invitations are going out today for the upcoming Book Launch where Summer will formally make her appearance and if you should not be on my mailing list... Come anyway! The launch party is on Oct. 13, at the American Fork Library from 7-9 p.m.

If you can't make that party, come to the American Fork Arts Council Literary Conference on Oct. 15... My books will be there!

And of course, there is this blog... You can buy them from here! Hope to be mailing you a book...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer is back!

Summer is back and it's hotter than ever! Brooklyn practically sizzles!

Yes, all you Summer Winter fans, Summer is ready to roll off the presses. I just finished the proofs today. The cover is exciting and the pages look thrilling! Heck, if I hadn't written it I'd be ordering a copy myself!

Sister Winter wanted to leave a small token of her affection to the recently deceased Raul French, but when she returned to the viewing room/primary room intent on pinning the gold horseshoe tie tack on Brother French's tie, she was startled to find that his arm had moved. Then she noticed the gold wedding band she and Elder Winter had forced onto Raul's corpulent pinkie was gone. Where could it be? Had the bratwurst arm they had so tenderly folded across Raul's chest moved on its own? Unthinkable. Dead people don't move! Mustering her courage, Sister Winter hefts up the sleeve of the borrowed suit. Gasping, she cannot believe her eyes. Not willing to trust what she sees, she looks again. Yep. Still there -- another arm. Last time she'd looked, Raul French had only the customary two arms. Now, it seems, there are at least three!

Here's what Jack Weyland said about NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style. "Wow! I didn't see that coming!" was something I often thought while reading NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style by Loraine Scott. How many mystery thrillers have a murder occur minutes before a funeral -- with the unfortunate victim stuffed into the coffin below the other recently departed? And that's just the beginning! What is even more fascinating is that a senior missionary couple just might solve this mystery. For me this was impossible to put down!

So check the new pricing below for this second book in the Summer Winter Mystery series!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Cover!

Wait until you see Summer's new book cover!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I spent most of last night -- from 7 - 12 at least -- working with photographer and graphic artist, Daniel Silva of Foto Fly, on my outrageously spectacular cover.

It doesn't look anything like Summer's first babystep onto bookshelves. I think this cover will knock your socks off!


So, it's coming together. The book layout people are busy laying out the pages. The printer is moving along and soon... I promise... Summer will return.

I think I enjoy the development process as much as the writing process... Thanks for the great time, Daniel.

Summer is hotter than ever!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Really Is Coming Again!

I know I've been promising this for awhile now. But, it is really happening. I'm meeting with a graphic artist this week to work on the cover. Shannon Guymon has endorsed the new manuscript and I'm filing for my copyright today! Wow. It is all happening.

I'm doing a book signing on August 17, 2011 at the American Fork Library and selling the very last of my books... about 15 in total... and then its on to the sequel.

October is the d-day. So its countdown time. Thanks to all my loyal fans! It's just around the corner.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cold and Windy... May?

I'm looking out my office window at the gray sky, the trees nearly bending to the ground and feeling the chill as it leaks in through my window. I've got on long pants, closed toe shoes and a sweater! It's the middle of May, for Pete's sake. But, who can argue with Mother Nature and win? It could be so much worse. So, I'm not complaining just observing.

However, the good news is that Summer is really on it's way. Both literally and figuratively. My book is first edited. Yup! First go around, I'm happy to report, is done and stamped as "approved". Now, the second begins as my readers read the pages and find all the errors I have missed or made. I think the story is sound. The comma's -- now that's another issue altogether.

So, here's to good friends who know grammar, writing, and good story-telling. Press on. Summer Awaits.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whoo Hoo! Hot News

Hey everybody!

Especially all you BYU students. My book will soon-- like as soon as I take them there-- will be sold at the BYU Book Store!

Not only can you get it on Kindle Books but now at BYU. So how cool is that.

Thanks again to all my FANS... Which is still really hard for me to say with a straight face.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Summertime, and the Living is Easy...humm, humm...

I'm busy writing the sequel to NYC... it takes place in Brooklyn, New York and of course, a murder takes place in the book...

I've had lots of requests for the next book but you'll still have to wait until its written. Trust me, every spare minute goes to writing...and even some not so spare minutes. So that is why this post is really short. I have to go back to writing. C'ya soon between the pages.

If you want a fun blog to read go to and check out my posts and 7 others who offer wit common sense, writing tips, reading tips, and oh so many more words of wisdom... Check it out.

NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style

NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style
Dang this copyrighted stuff! Couldn't get rid of the red face!

NYC: A Mission To Die For

NYC: A Mission To Die For