Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chapter 19... Hot!!!!!

Chapter 19

We have officially been in Country 4 months today. We arrived August 19… Yay!

I hate to say this too loudly, But I HATE this weather. It is not so hot but boy is it humid. I hate humidity. Sure, everything is green and plants and grass and trees love this damp, sticky weather but I hate it. Our towels never dry. Our necks, elbows, knees and other parts are always wet. My hair is damp which is always so flattering… My face doesn’t like this damp stuff either… I keep breaking out… Do you know the last time I had a zit? Actually, it was yesterday but before I came here… years, decades even. Yeah, the weather stinks. I love the weather in Sabie. It is raining. I mean if it’s going to be wet anyway, let it rain.

Last week I found a lonely little metal sign that says, “Let It Snow!” It’s on my front door. Now the chances of it actually snowing are the same as when you–know-what-freezes but I’d welcome it right now. What’s worse is cause its Christmas no matter what the weather one must bake cookies and things. And bake I did. The Jrs and I baked cookies for hours—6 to be exact… actually, I did most of it and they joined me for the last hour. We came up with the idea of taking cookies and caroling to members of the Branch. They zeroed in on 16 families who could use some songs and cookies. Do you know how many cookies it takes to make 16 plates of cookies… I do. I made them all but one batch. It was fun but wow does a hot oven heat up your kitchen which in turn heats up the entire flat since the kitchen is about 1/3 of the entire size of the flat.

So that’s my complaint for the blog.

We had district meeting today and went to breakfast. In case you’ve forgotten or you just didn’t know, the Swans and us take turns cooking breakfast for the district. Today, we took them to a place called The Puzzle. It was really yummy. They advertise the best Breakfast in Nelspruit and since we’ve not eaten at any other establishment I can’t say that’s a true statement but it was really good. I had a ham, mushroom and cheese omelet and ES had an “open omelet” which is a piece of toast, scrambled eggs on top and cheese on top of that. It looked great and gave me an idea for a quick breakfast. But, that’s not really why I’m talking about all this food but apparently I do mention food a bit. We ate early and therefore we were hungry come around 2 pm so we went to lunch. We had trouble deciding where to eat as we were just hungry and not for anything specific. Elder Scott was leaning toward McDonalds but in my mind “Mugg & Bean” kept whispering. So at the last minute we decided on Mugg & Bean as a healthier option.

Well, a week ago, while eating at Mugg & Bean, our favorite sever there  had told ES that “I would follow your beliefs of your church if it would make me happy like you.” Or something like that.  I’ve thought about that compliment all week long. Isn’t that what we want to have happen? Don’t we want to teach people by our example and allow the Light of Christ to shine through our actions? All who know ES know that’s like his watch cry but to hear it from someone else… WoW! So of course, we left her with a pass-a-long card.

So I thought that was pretty special but it gets better. During the week, Elder Smith got a referral via the Mission Office from a woman named “Debbie” who wanted a DVD mailed to her. The Jrs have no means to mail a DVD so we have been trying to figure out how to accomplish this as all Debbie left was a POBox. OK, so while we are at Mugg & Bean up walks our favorite server and sure enough, her name is Debbie! It’s not like the card we gave her was the only one… we give out hundreds and nobody has called on them but what are the odds? So, I asked her, “Did you call the office and request a DVD?” And what to our surprise she said, “Yes.”

So we talked for a while.  She told us she has been searching for years for answers to her questions. She asked us why we were so happy. And several other questions about why do we possess such a self-assuredness and things like that. She agreed to give us her phone number and to let the Jrs. drop the DVD off to her at work.  I told her that the Holy Ghost had prompted her to say that comment to ES and to request the DVD because we do have the answers she is seeking. I bore my testimony to her about knowing who I am, why I am on earth and what happens to us when we die. She started to tear up and said, “I want to know this stuff and to believe it as well.”

Wow! Was that amazing? That’s the kind of day we had today… Friday anyway.

There is really more to this amazing story. After telling the Jrs. about the event and discussing when they could take the DVD to her they decided to strike while the iron was hot. Saturday we all drove to the Crossings Shopping Center (this is where we do most of our grocery/pharmacy/banking/eating business) and as we went to the bank they would drop off the DVD along with a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet or two.

As they made contact and explained the items they were giving to Debbie she said, “Book of Mormon? Are you the same church as the Mormons?” Uh oh? Now nobody here knows us as the Mormons!!! Well, nearly no one anyway.

“Yes, some people refer to us as Mormons because of the Book of Mormon but the real name of our church is…”

“Oh, well, in 1998 when I began my quest to answer these questions that are in my heart someone told me I should check out the Mormon Church. I never got around to doing that but it’s been in the back of my mind that I should ever since then.”

Can anyone doubt that Heavenly Father knows the needs of ALL of his children and will direct them for good if we allow Him.

Debbie accepted the books with joy and promised to call the Elders after she has read some and watched the DVD.

Now, we wait and watch and keep in contact. I really want to grab her by the arms, shake her and say, what’s the hold-up woman? Get on the ball and read and pray and get baptized so you can start enjoying the blessings of the gospel!!! But, then that’s doing the Lord’s work Satan’s way. Just doesn’t work.   

Hope you all have a wonderful Christ centered Christmas. I’ll take pix of our day. Enjoy yours.

My wrapping as one of Santa's helpers. The gold ones are from Santa and the red/white striped are from us.

At the Swan's with their family for dinner. And to celebrate Elder Pulley's Birthday.

Elder Pulley's birthday cake!

More party pix

Christmas Dinner at Cicada with the Weitsz'

Fun time and great food!
Our Christmas cookie plates... some of them!

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