Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chapter 23:

Chapter 23: It is Tuesday again—at least at this writing. Martha, our housekeeper is here. Yes, I have a housekeeper. I’m sure I’ve told you about her. But just to refresh; she’s from KaNeymazane, a member of the church and a delight to have around. She determined it was time to wash my bedspread so she pulled it off the bed and washed it in the bathtub. It is now in the dryer. It is very hot today. My noisy A/C is on. However, Elder Swan came over last night and got rid of most of the rattle. It is now just like a window air con—noisy but not unbearable. And, I’d rather be cool than hot so I’ll cope with the noise.

We are ready to meet with the Elders for planning meeting—they should be here any minute.

At this writing it is Thursday evening. We’ve had some eventual days but the topper of it all was the off-the-books Institute Class we started last night. I say of-the-books because this is a non-credit, non-sanctioned by CES class. We really call it our “Scripture Study Class.” We had 3 here last night: 2 members and 1 non-member investigator all official institute age. Our intent is to teach the scriptures in a way that they will desire to read them and gain testimonies of them. We tried to start it a while ago but with the holidays interrupting everything it finally got off the ground. Three is a small start but it’s a start. Of course we’d like to see dozens. Who knows, maybe we will.

I’m spent all afternoon preparing for Seminary this Saturday. I’m really excited about this class. The Jrs. have been talking it up with everyone who is eligible. Hopefully, they will all come and invite their friends.

I thought this was interesting… Talk about your Scarlet Letter! Wow, I’m not sure I would have ever learned to drive. That giant “L” means “learner driver.” And it is RED so everyone can see it. I’m not sure all the ins and outs of learning to drive in South Africa but that red “L” would do it for me. Yes, I am insecure.

It is now (at the time of this writing) Friday afternoon. I have solved my problem with the help of some Facebook friends and my son regarding the jumping cursor so it makes typing easy again. I guess I’ve been typing all along with the touch pad turned off. Then someone, maybe even me, turned it on again. I kept turning it off but it wouldn’t do anything to the touch pad. Finally, I disconnected the laptop, turned it off and turned it back on again. And miraculously, the button to turn the touchpad off and on works again. I can now turn off the touch pad and stop jumping the cursor cause it sure is hard to type with letters ending up in all sorts of directions. Eish!

I have finished preparing my lesson except for a quick run-through reading and I’m ready to teach.

Last night we had another investigator lesson with Debbie who asked for a cup of hot water so she could make her cup of coffee. Then, when it was just she and I, she asked, “Now, tell me why you don’t drink coffee?” So I gave her a lesson on the Word of Wisdom.  Turned out well. She didn’t run away and say Eish or anything. But, I could almost hear her brain-cogs spinning… She already is bowled over thinking about all the new doctrine we are presenting her. This was just one more new thing for her to digest.

The week crept up on me so suddenly that I forgot it was District Meeting this morning. The Swans are in Joburg with their branch for a temple trip so the meeting was at our house. Thank goodness for McDonalds! We met there and had breakfast then came home for our meeting. No dishes, no prep, no mess. And I believe it is just about as cheap. ES bought us all Ronald McDonald socks…. We look so cute!

ES is off with the Jrs. to teach a couple of lessons tonight. Then we will go to dinner at Spur to spend a gift that someone very special arranged for us. Yum. I already know I’m having chicken.

We did not make it to Spur because of the horrible rain/thunder/lightning storm. So I fixed dinner for everyone.

On Saturday I had my first Seminary class. We had 4 in attendance. It turned out great. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures but I will do so this Saturday.

Sunday was ideal! We had lots of people at church! Several investigators and even a new move in member and an entire family that moved out when we first came to SA has moved back. They will be a great asset to the branch. He was the Branch President before.  The talks were excellent and so absolutely spot-on with a normal sacrament meeting. (You could possibly discern from my comment that it isn’t always so. LOL)

Monday saw us at Urgent Care again but this time with Elder Willombe from KaNeymazane. He is the last to fall victim to this bug that attacks the lungs. His is still in his throat. We went to lunch afterwards and treated the Elders to Spur burgers. On Monday, you can buy one burger and get one free. We used our gift certificate and really enjoyed our afternoon teasing and chatting with the Elders.

Everything is great! The weather has cooled down due to the rain on Friday. Now the weather is pleasant like when we first moved here. The humidity is low, the sun seems to have backed off a few degrees and a breeze is blowing. Ahhhh, I can breathe again. Paradise.

Still no monkeys and no sightings either. We will have to go to Lydenburg so we can see the Baboons along the road. What a sight. Lovely.

a contest to hit the basket that is blocked by Elder Pully. No one has been able to make the basket the first time trying

Our socks!

the Scarlet Letter!

Dinner with President and Sister Dunn, their daughter, the Swans, and our favorite waitress, Sister Lorraine (a member) and the manager of the restaurant Cicada... our favorite place... best steaks!

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