Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nothing but Pix

Here's the promised photos.
Decorations for ES Birthday

his B'day pie

going to Kruger for all the birthday boys... 2 jrs. & 2 Srs.

A Water Buck... first time seeing one of these beauties

Today's first siting of elephants

they kept on coming

or going as the case may be

giraffes a'plenty

more elephants... lots more

and more

and more

and more

but the cutest of them all. Mom kept trying to hide her baby

they turned their backs on us. Camera shy, maybe
water buffalo... saw a herd of these big guys...

a few cookies... made 119

wrapped 4 in a bag with a tag

28 packages at days end

going to be new members. From far left: Khetsewi, Pearl, Laheri, Evelyn, Peace (holding Elder K's photo) and Olgar... a Zulu princess.

Lindewi giving Laheri a hug... she will be baptized in July, Stephen is on the end

ES, baptized them all.

finally, all 8. Syabogna on the end. Along with Elder Edyouch
Elder L on the other end. My Ipad would not fit them all in.

The Nkosi girls. Charity, Khetsewi, Angeline, Laheri. Amazing how Khetsewi can make a baptismal jumpsuit look good. She wanted to be a model and was even approached by a company until we discouraged her... Not a good profession for a new member.

Charity was not ready for baptism but has now decided to be ready for July

Nelly: A cute girl from the Branch

this lizard was found trying to come into church. Lizard Man came and rescued him and us. They bite.

Bridget and the lizard...

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