Friday, October 30, 2015

Just Pictures

kids playing in the township...

This is an old picture of Elder Pickup and Elder Edeouch... he's gone home now...

Elder Scott and his newest members... Elder Pickup, Philly, ES, Senzo, and Elder Kuyangeppi

Bowling when I rolled a 149! Record stands so far! (one on the end works at the lanes)

rolling my record score!

Christine looking Pregnant finally, Stephen and Esther

Doing dishes at Swans... after Canadian Thanksgiving which is October 12. I will do another Turkey day on November 19th which will produce another monster mess! Glad we have missionaries who love to do dishes!

Elder Kuyangepii taking a break

pumpkin pie... Oh, yes, Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at the Swans. ES actually broke down and had a piece of pie!

Lindiwe's uncle passed away and the elders went to the funeral. It was on a Saturday at 6:00 a.m. Yep! It lasted 2 hours +. After they lower the casket into the ground by hand, the men all refill the dirt with shovels. ES said it was extremely moving and very significant to him. They had speakers and singers and dancers doing traditional funeral songs and dances.

Elder K moving dirt


teaching the gang of young adults (from right to left) Elder Warton (gone home now) Siphewei, Angel, (in front) Mulusi in the hat, with his sisters near him, Vincent in red, Jennifer in yellow, then Philly and Senzo in orange.

Sister Carol who keeps inviting her neighbors to be taught. She is investigating as well and loves church.

Another investigator (sorry, don't know him yet)

and finally, just another cute photo of Christine!

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