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Chapter 13... Kruger

Chapter 13

May I recommend to all world travelers… Like my friend Val… come to South Africa and visit Kruger National Park! One of the coolest things to ever spark my brain. I have included millions of pictures… well, lots anyway but I think I took a million. We saw the neatest things but I’m going to let the captions of the photos and the photos speak for themselves. After all a picture…well, you know the rest.

That was an all-day adventure with dinner at our favorite Spur—you know the Native American Restaurant with the intermingled tribes and cowboy spurs—for 2 for 1 hamburger night.  But lest you think we might have saved some money think again. I’m thinking 1 hamburger for me so the 1 for ES is free. Then 1 for Elder Smith and Elder Ah Wong’s will be free… Oh no. They each had 2 burgers! In all fairness, they offered to pay for them but who among you could take money from poor struggling missionaries… Not I!

Well, after they were struggling to breathe with having eaten too much I put them on diets! Oh yes I did. Now Elder Ah Wong isn’t buying into the idea but Elder Smith is.

Since there are so many photos I’m going to be brief. It is now Sunday…the week has—you know—well, it’s gone. I had a birthday and got OLD, I was sick an entire day which is like not having a day, we ran errands, we did missionary work, taught Seminary, cut the Elders hair, had the Seminary Kick-off event, and ate slept and watched a bit of Netflix.

I had a wonderful birthday dinner party at a Belgian restaurant called Josephine’s. It was great.

Back to Sunday: It is raining, hot and humid. Yeah, my favorite kind of weather! Not! Oh well, Paradise can’t have it all I guess. We had a baptism after church and I was asked to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, I also taught RS and my Sunday school lesson as well as had slices of my birthday cake for those in my SS class and those who had read the Gospel Doctrine lesson… It was a busy day. We just got up from taking a nap! Glorious Sabbath and there are still no monkey’s in my kitchen! Especially after I only saw two while we were in Kruger and I usually see that many out of Kruger and alongside the roadways.

Wonderful place this Africa!

deer-Impala, actually, at the entrance

Maybe you can see something in the trees???

typical topography

don't know what happened to my Monkey photos... sad really

there is a crocodile and two hippos in the water Look very closely

 More Impala... they were everywhere

signs of life... That's one big pile...

Our Elders and Elder Willombe from Zambia


 Yes, Zebras... these guys were smaller and kinda yellowish stripped instead of white. Dirt?

black rinos... endangered from poachers

these are like REALLY huge

 Yeah, I know what it looks like but his head is just a little behind his dad... A whole family of Water buffalo And talk about your big animals!!1 Just as big as the rhino

 A white rhino. I took more snaps but let's face it... I am not James Dahlrimple (sp?)
 a yellow billed something or another... Pretty cool looking bird, I must admit
a precarious rock

look closely... a Kudu they are a big as a horse. you could ride them

Yay! Elephants!!!1


bones of the spoils... A lion was here...I had another pix but it was blurry... showed a skull

the exit

Elder Smith and Elder Ah Wong

another unusual plant...

the group

saying good bye to Kruger Park

my table for the Seminary Kick-Off

Elder and Sister Heyens... My Seminary bosses

My students

a game with scriptures

some moms

my kids for next year.
Lebo, Nolwazi, Sinethimba, Dee, Nicolas and Sara... a few were not there (Brian, Nelli, and Malusi)

my birthday party with the owner and the server. great dinner

A bit blurry but you can guess what's going on! Bon Appetite!

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