Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chapter 16: Sorry!


Do you ever wish you could go back and redo an entire event?

Well, I sure wish I could have a redo on our Turkey Day/Welcome to the District dinner on Wednesday night. It was wonderful, don’t get me wrong. My turkey was great, the stuffing was moist and flavorful, and the gravy rich and free from lumps, the potatoes delish and everyone ate until they were tired. What is wrong is that WE FORGOT to take PICTURES! Not one snap from anyone! Not the Elders! Not the Swans and not us!!!!

So, you’ll just have to imagine our first Thanksgiving dinner in South Africa with my $45.00 turkey who flew all the way here from South Carolina… truly. No wonder it was so much.

But, on Friday, we took lots of pictures as it was Elder Smith’s Hump Day! Now, for those who are unfamiliar with a hump day… it’s the day that marks the 1/2 mark of a mission. So for us and for Sister Hannah Knott it will be at 9 months and for those 24 month’rs its 1 year.  See the photos. And the captions.

We had an interesting Friday and another Marathon Seminary Lesson at the Weitsz… Poor Kids! The Elders including Elder Swan (boy was the back seat smushed) went on to Hazyview and taught two investigators a lesson while the men tried in vain to fix Sister Jennifer’s toilet. They will have to go back now that they think they’ve identified the problem. They left me off about 2:00 and returned about 7 pm. The Weitsz and I had a lot of fun as we finished the book of Alma!!! Yay! Poor Kids! Their ears were bleeding.

Sunday was also another interesting day. The Elders, Scott, Smith and Ah Wong, had been practicing all week for their musical debut at the branch Christmas program. When they arrived at the branch the director informed them that another singer would be joining them. Well, even though he hadn’t practiced with them the song turned out very nice. I thought I was reading the scripture from Luke 2 but when I got there I was informed that I had a talk to give! Well, for a last minute study it turned out okay.

Now, its Sunday night and it’s raining quite hard and thundering with all it’s got. We fed the Elders a dinner of wagon wheel pasta, with mince (hamburger,) home brewed pasta sauce with a sprinkle of cheese then baked in the oven. I made French bread from scratch—turned out nice—and apple crisp for dessert. Again no pix! Sorry.

So, this week has been a short blog week with not a lot of photos but week filled with lots of great investigator lessons and good contacts.

But with one day without power, one day to cook and one day worth of Seminary it swishes by really fast.

Hopefully, next week will be a bit slower but with lots of plans already set in stone I doubt it will be. With plans already in the making to put up our tiny Christmas Tree, celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary on Friday and Sister Swan’s birthday on Tuesday the week is practically over! I’ll try to do more pictures.

Still no monkey’s but we keep getting invaded by flying bugs! Now Martha informed me they are good eat’n but I’m just going to take her word on it.

This is Elder Swan attempting to fix the toilet

this is her living room and kitchen
The Elders are teaching under a tree

We had cupcakes and candles for Elder Smith's Hump Day!

We sang Happy Hump Day to You!

I presented him with him gift from his MOM! Its a camel and a letter about why Camels are the symbols for missionaries who reach their halfway mark. Cool gift.

The new guy... Elder Pulley and the old guy Elder Willombe

Elder Smith reading his letter from his mom. Made me cry a bit. Him too.

We searched all over for a stuffed Camel and so I resorted to making a clay one.

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  1. This made me cry! Thank you so much! I was so disappointed that I didn't get to send my cute hump day package (with stuffed camel) but that darling clay camel means so much more to both of us. I can't tell you how much it means to me to know he has a loving "mom" to step in when I can't be there. xo


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