Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chapter probably 29 & 30... I've lost track...

I know it has been awhile since I published my blog. Wow, it has been crazy around here. Not only did I lose all the stuff I had in my computer but the new one I bought has Windows 8.1… Now, I have Windows 8 at home on my big, old reliable PC and I hated it there. Now, I hate it even more since they‘ve added a .1 to the program from YOU KNOW WHERE. Sorry, to you 8 lovers but I’m just not tech savvy enough to master this stuff. I just want to type and have it work…. Eish!

So, here’s the highlights.

Calisto was baptized last Sunday and today the Elders are teaching his cute wife. I stayed home to prepare the institute lesson and work on a project for Elder Scott.

We were informed from the Area (South East Africa Area) that the negotiations on our building have been completed and we have a new meeting house. It is in a great area, has a huge lot full of trees, parking, and playground. We may be in as early as April. Cool.

ES came down with a rapidly advancing, horrible sinus infection but is responding well to the medicine and even returned to working out at the gym.

The weather has cooled down somewhat but not cool enough for my liking.
But, all is well. We have been out officially 7 months. We are looking forward to cooler temperatures and more baptisms. Calisto’s was amazing! He is amazing. I hope his wife becomes converted as well. I’d love to see them become a forever family. Enjoy the pix

No monkeys but we have a tiny lizard hanging out in our bathroom... Yeah, better than a monkey but still....

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