Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pictures and captions....

As promised: Photos!!! with some captions

a typical country road

Mac Mac Falls...

the water, drop and creek of Mac Mac... Yeah, two Mac's ????
The Swans at The African Elephant after our day at Mac Mac

This woman asked me for a Book of Mormon.
She is a vendor at the stalls behind us. I instantly liked her and wished I could teach her but she lives too far and must work on Sundays. I bought a lot from them all
Africa Silks. I did not know that Africa grows, harvests, spins and weaves their own silk. Mopani Silk and Mulberry Silk are the most famous ones. Wait until you see what I bought!
I do not know who this is... So I have not taught them????

a view of our new church grounds
back of the church building... and side parking lot

back view and parking lot

back/side and upper lot

stairs from parking and front entrance between the potted plants

front view along with sign in Afrikaans That will come down. Nice landscaping

another view

another few views

Nice building and huge lot!

Pacoma, who is the one in charge of getting us the building, eating a huge burger at Cicada

Arthur, an investigator from Hazyview, standing near the school where he teaches

front view

inside. waiting for the student to finish so Elder K can teach Arthur

a Jo-Jo. supplies water to the school

another view/ notice the A/C ? Yeah, open windows

Sara Weitsz having a Birthday... cake anyway... she turned 14. I think we are signing

Elder LeaAyatoa doing the Haka

imagine him moving and singing in Tongan...

the Weitzs new half-done tree house... or bush house since it is not in a tree!

One of our Branch members, Melusi, who was hit by a car on Sunday as he was coming to church. His jaw is broken. He is waiting for his mission call...  figures, huh? We are his Home Teachers

this is the state hospital where he is staying. That is garbage in the back. this was a good wing. But, Melusi seemed well cared for so I guess we can't expect too much

this is Will, one of the complex guards. We really like him. Laughs a lot!

Our new adopted family. Calisto, who was recently baptized, Christina, who is now taking lessons and Esther, their baby who is now our 18th grandchild. The elders will have to fend for themselves. I'm not adopting anymore of those guys. Too hard to let them go away. Christina is from a tribe in Zimbabwe called Lemba. They can trace their genealogy back to Abraham--yep, Father Abraham of the Old Testament. They usually do not marry out of their tribe so they can keep their blood line pure. ES told Calisto not to worry as he is now adopted into that tribe.

the outside of their humble home.

Simon, Lindy and children. another investigator family from Lydenburg. They are pretty excited about learning about the gospel. these are referrals from Calisto.

That's All Folks.

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