Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review for NYC: A Mission To Die For

I thought I would share this review with you regarding my first book NYC: A Mission To Die For.
Author Roseanne E. Wilkins, who writes LDS romance, recently read my debut novel and wrote an awesome review.

"NYC: A Mission To Die For is a delightful debut novel by Author Loraine Scott. If you love murder/mysteries with LDS main characters, this is a book you won't want to miss. Although the main characters are an LDS missionary couple, the story is about he murder mystery, so you don't have to be LDS to enjoy it. Loraine starts out the story in the streets of New York with an automobile accident. Not long after, Summer and Anthony Winter are met with the distinctive odor of decay when they enter the mission [office] after a weekend away. Summer, the main character, automatically assumes something has died in the fridge. Something has died alright, but it isn't in the fridge. When they discover the source of the smell is the body of a transient man whom they've previously come to care for and NYC's finest wants to dismiss the case as another homeless person's death, they take the reins and investigate the death themselves. It helps that Anthony is a former detective with the LAPD and their son is currently working there. Well written and fast paced, this is a book you'll have to drag yourself away from. Pick up a copy. You won't be disappointed."

This book is currently "sold out" from me but it's still available at BYU Bookstore, Canyon Copy in Highland and on Amazon Kindle books.

I can't wait for Roseanne to read my current book... the one with the amazing cover...

And, don't forget to check out Tangled Hearts by Roseanne E. Wilkins. Its an ebook and available everywhere.

Price sale is still available... Books make wonderful Christmas presents. I'd love a good mystery book -- can't ever have enough books.

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  1. Most excellent, Loraine! Where did this review appear?


NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style

NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style
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NYC: A Mission To Die For

NYC: A Mission To Die For