Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Sterling Review!

I received this email today. Just thought I'd share it in case you're wondering whether to buy a book or not...

"Okay--NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style arrived yesterday at about 2:30 pm...finished reading it at 2:00 am.
WOW!! I know Jack Weyland said it is impossible to put the book down... but seriously... I COULDN'T"!!!

"Thanks so much for such a GREAT evening!! LOVED every minute I spent. Thank goodness I bought new glasses (in preparation for this adventure!) or I never would have made it through the marathon read. Actually I was about 4 chapters from the end when my eyes got bleary...but I slapped on some DollarTree cheapies with a higher magnification and whew hoo... finished without going blind!!

"You are THE BEST!!!

"Oh, and I agree with the comment 'Nancy Drew marries a Hardy Boy!' Yes, that is Summer and Anthony alright!

"Congrats on a FAB-u-lous write... The ending is perfect... you dotted every i and crossed every t! Very satisfying."

I hope all Summer's fans find this book "satisfying" and really enjoyable... after all, that's why I write them.

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NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style

NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style
Dang this copyrighted stuff! Couldn't get rid of the red face!

NYC: A Mission To Die For

NYC: A Mission To Die For