Monday, April 20, 2015

A few photos

Here are a few more photos that didn't quite make the deadline of yesterday... conveniently, ES forgot his cell phone as he left with the Jrs to teach out in Jerusalem. I'll caption these but I wanted to make excuses for some of the quality of the pix. As you know ES has two problems... His Vision and His Shaky Hands. Shhhh, don't tell him I mentioned it but I'll explain the photos so it should be fine.
I don't know who this is but it was such a nice photo... Could be Sister Grace, Sister Melody or Sister ???? Hmmm will check this out and get back to you...

This is Christine and Calisto's house with Simon in the back, Liny in yellow, their 3 children and Calisto with his head back. Christine is in the blue sweater.

Elder K, Elder L, Olgar, me and ES we are in front of Olgar's house. We just finished teaching her. I think she will want to be baptized. She is Zula and so beautiful and regal looking. All she needs is a crown.

ES took this in the dark relying on his night setting but... We are at the Masinga family home. I'll get a better photo next time.

The far right is Nolwazi, middle is Laheri and the left is Khetsewi at McDonalds. This is the very first time any of them had ever eaten at the Mac. I couldn't imagine there were teenagers who had never had a McDonalds... but there were all three. This was after Saturday Session of Conference.

We are teaching at Olgar's house (shack). I am sitting on her bed along with her. 
Elders reading and ES's selfie in the mirror! This gives you a better perspective of the size of her home. It is however, quite comfortable for a shack. She has electricity and a hot plate but no refrigerator.

This is a tuck shop. Just minutes after ES took this photo it opened for business selling colored popcorn, chips and sweets.

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