Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm going with Chapter 31... OK? good!

Chapter 31?

I’m starting this post off with a complaint and a gratitude expression. It is back to really hot again. And of course, Nelspruit and Tzaneen are the two hot spots of the mission. It is supposed to be in the high 80-91 all week long. It cools down to high 70’s at night but that’s not really cool to me. But, (now the gratitude part) we have our A/C on so our living room is pleasantly pleasant. You can’t hear anything because of the volume of the fan but I will put up with that in sake of coolness.

I baked cowboy cookies and rolls today so the kitchen is a bit hot but the living room is ok. I’ve been assigned to decorate the tables, make a salad, make rolls and make cowboy cookies for next Saturday’s RS birthday party. The cookies and the rolls went into the freezer. I still must make 1 more batch of rolls as I did not have enough yeast for a double batch and I do not have a bowl big enough to make a double batch. As it was, I had to use my large pasta/veggie sized pot to raise the dough.

ES wanted me to tell about an interesting experience he had the other day. Friday was our district meeting. Due to me being sick most of the week, we decided to eat breakfast at McDonalds. Since ES is on the rather restrictive diet he doesn’t do McDonalds so he ate at home and while we were eating he went across the parking lot to Mopani Pharmacy and Spar Grocery store to pick up a couple of things we needed. As he was walking out, pushing the trolley (cart for all you Yanks) he passed a man who was adjusting things in his own trolley as if he were going to leave it where he had stopped and just grab the few grocery bags he had and carry those. So, ES pushed his trolley beside the man and took his small bag from the trolley and started to walk away. Suddenly, ES heard this man yelling very loudly. He kept walking as he really couldn’t understand what the man was saying as he was yelling in Afrikaans. But, a few more feet away, ES decided that the man was yelling at him! He turned around and asked calmly, “Are you yelling at me?”

“Yes, I am you *!@#*! You blocked me in!” He was yelling so loudly that a crowd including the security team had gathered around him.

”Did I? I am so sorry,” ES said as he walked back toward the man. “Let me move my cart, then. I really apologize for being so inconsiderate. May I ask your forgiveness?”

The rather large man looked up at ES and then offered his hand. “No, I’m sorry. You really taught me something. I need to be more humble.”

They shook hands and ES moved the cart out of the man’s way.  The man repeated, “I have learned a valuable lesson today. I need to more humble.”


Truly amazing!

Another amazing thing happened the other day while the Elders were in Lydenburg. In case you didn’t know or you’ve just forgotten, Lydenburg is nearly 2 hours away from us. It is in our Branch boundaries but still, that’s a long way to drive. The entire trip takes about ½ of our day. So when we go there we like to teach as many as we can and lately, there’s been many to teach.

At first, you know, we were only teaching Calisto. There is no one as missionary minded (besides missionaries that is) as a recent convert and that is Calisto all the way! So, now that Calisto has been baptized we are teaching his wife, and his co-worker Olga, and his co-worker Simon and Simon’s wife Lindy … and then there is the nanny/housekeeper of the Sigauke’s, Margaret and Brother Sigauke’s work friend Piet and his wife, Portia who asked if a friend of theirs could sit in on the lesson as did Christine since she invited her neighbor… The list is just growing and we are soooooooo happyyyyyyy!

But, here is another miracle.

I stayed home from Lydenburg because there was not enough room in the car for me. ES insisted on taking out 2 chairs for Calisto and Christine and they won’t fit in the trunk (boot). So I stayed home and worked on RS stuff, lesson stuff for our ad hoc institute and Seminary class and let the fourth seat go to the chairs. Well, just before the lesson, the Elders were standing outside when a young woman about 20 or so walked past them on the street. She turned around slowly and approached Elder Scott saying, “I wasn’t going to ask. In fact, I’m a little afraid but as I passed you I had the strongest feeling that I should stop and ask you a question. I belong to a group of people who are looking for a shepherd to teach about the scriptures and Jesus Christ. Would you be available to help us?” Well, ES couldn’t write her name and number down fast enough!

But, when the lesson was over, Calisto said: “I will go and check that girl out and see if we can help her!”

We haven’t heard yet what Calisto discovered but wouldn’t that be cool if we could teach an entire group of youth in Lydenburg. I promised them a group but I think I should have promised them a branch!

Today, (Thursday) ES and I went to our building and decorated for the RS birthday party. Our A/C unit stopped working in our building and due to our impending move, they are not fixing anything. It has been extremely hot here. 91⁰ but 120⁰ inside. The humidity was low until the cloud cover moved in and then boy did it heat up. Both ES and I were soaked with sweat! However, the tables looked nice when we were done.

We were so wet that when we stopped at Cicada for lunch, the servers were teasing me because I looked like I had put my head in water! Her words, not mine! I downed 2 classes of ice water and 2 sodas before I had lunch. Hot!

Praying for coolness! Should happen soon! Of course, I’ve been saying this all month and wowza! It got hotter! Supposed to be 63⁰ on Saturday. Yes!

On Saturday Nelspruit Branch celebrated our 173 Relief Society Birthday! It was a great day with lots of laughter, learning and food. Kinda like RS is supposed to be! Sadly, we had few in attendance but that never stops sisters from having a great time.

Afterwards, we cleaned the building. The great thing with it being our turn to clean was we had so many helpers who stayed after the event and cleaned. The building looked so nice when the event was over.

Of course, before the RS event, I taught Seminary. Always such a great joy for me to teach my Seminary girls. We learned about UNITY!  We learned that we must be one or we are not the Lords. We were able to put that lesson into practice when the Young Women were asked to do the dishes along with the Sisters. At first they didn’t want to (cause who really does want to wash dishes?) but then when I reminded them about being ONE and working together in Unity they quickly went in and helped wash and dry dishes.

Ah, the beauty of repentance. And sometimes, we just need to be reminded.

That’s why I’m so glad that this week is Easter week and conference week. We won’t watch conference as a Branch until we receive the CDs in the mail but ES and I will watch much of it on the internet. It still carries the same spirit and the same messages no matter where and no matter when we get to see it. So, yes, we are anxiously waiting to hear the messages from our leaders and to remember that He Lives!

Watch the video on LDS.org. Great presentation.

We did get a report from Calisto regarding the story of the girl who approached ES about wanting a shepherd. Calisto met with the group, (he didn’t say how many there were) but they had a song and a prayer and asked lots of questions of Calisto. He feels very confident that they would be very receptive to having missionaries. We are going to try to go out this week and visit with them to assess the circumstances. Wouldn’t that be cool to teach an entire group of people who are seeking? Sounds like some of the early pioneer stories… Oh yeah, this is kinda like those times… Just a different country. Wow! We are so blessed to be part of this great work.

Still happy and busy teaching.  Still no monkeys in my kitchen.

Elder Kankkunen and Elder Lea Atoea at McDonalds, of course

Christine and Esther in their home. She is committed to baptism on April 26
3 we are teaching

Tulane, who is Sister Lorraine's husband. She joined 2 years ago. We are teaching him now.

Calisto, Christine, Esther and their neighbor

An apartment in the Lydenburg Township
Relief Society Birthday Party decorations


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