Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Misc Photos

Here are a few photos I left off the other posts. They are just a few misc. items that I'll caption. Nothing huge just some fun ones.

this is a vegetable. We were given two of them while we were at church. No one knew what they are called or what to do with them. I put the knife by them to show the size. I boiled it, everyone tasted it and promptly spit it out! It tasted like a very watery cucumber with a squash texture. Eish!
The inside of the uh? Don't know what?

The Swan's Hump Day Cake. The Swan is crystal and the cake was green like a Hill being crossed... Get it?

Easter Bunnies for the missionaries
Our District meeting and singing "Happy Hump Day to YOU!"

Happy Hump Day!


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